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Alumni Symposium 2014

November 05, 2014

Venue: Seminar room Institut für Tierzucht & Genetik (building NA, 2nd floor), Vetmeduni Vienna

09:30 Opening remarks

09:35-10:15    Florian Clemente (University of Cambridge)
A selective sweep on a deleterious mutation in the CPT1A gene in Arctic populations.

10:15-10:55    Nicola de Maio (University of Oxford)
A new approach to phylogeography.

10:55-11:25    break

11:25-12:05    Claudia Bank (EPFL, Lausanne)
Intragenic epistasis and shifting fitness landscapes.

12:05-12:45    Martin Kapun (University of Lausanne)
The adaptive role of chromosomal inversions in D. melanogaster.

12:45-13:30    break   13:30-14:10    Tom Hill (Vienna Graduate School of Population Genetics)
The extent of hybrid dysgenesis and the penetrance of P-element in Drosophila simulans.

14:10-14:40    Dominik Schrempf (Vienna Graduate School of Population Genetics)
Species Tree Inference with Polymorphism-Aware Phylogenetic Models.

14:40-15:00    break

15:00-15:30    Kerstin Gärtner (Vienna Graduate School of Population Genetics)
Improving the bias variance tradeoff for estimators of the population recombination rate.

15:30-16:00    Ana-Marija Jaksic (Vienna Graduate School of Population Genetics) Extreme developmental temperatures trigger decanalization of alternative splicing.

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