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Summer Term 2013

05.03.13 - Ines Hellmann (MFPL, A)
Estimating Sex-biases from patterns of X and Autosome diversity.

12.03.13 - Mark Beaumont  (University of Bristol, UK)
Strategies for detecting evidence of local selection from gene frequencies.

19.03.13 - Andrea Manica (University of Cambridge, UK)
The long march of human genes.

09.04.13 - Paul Rainey (Massey University, NZ)
Thinking about development as a causal process in evolution.

16.04.13 - Pierre Pudlo (Montpellier University, F)
Computing Bayesian posterior via empirical likelihood in population genetics.

23.04.13 - Volker Loeschcke (Aarhus University, DK)
Thermal stress and adaptation to climate change - using Drosophila as model system.

30.04.13 - Luis Teixeira (Gulbenkian Institute of Science, PT)
Phylogenomic analysis and evolution of symbiont-mediated protection to pathogens.

07.05.13 - Adam Eyre-Walker (University of Sussex, UK)
The good, the bad and the indifferent: the role of deleterious and advantageous mutations in evolution.

28.05.13 - Thomas Bataillon (Aarhus University, DK)
Fitness Landscapes & Dynamics of Adaptation: what can we infer from patterns of phenotypic and molecular evolution?

04.06.13 - Gilean McVean (University of Oxford, UK)
Mutation, recombination and selection in humans and chimpanzees.

11.06.13 - Diethard Tautz (MPI for Evolutionary Biology, D)
Tracing the genetics of adaptations and quantitative phenotypes in the house mouse.

18.06.13 - Jonathan Marchini (University of Oxford, UK)
A general approach for haplotype phasing across the full spectrum of relatedness.

25.06.13 - Thomas Turner (UC Santa Barbara, USA)
Leveraging genomic technology to link genotypic and phenotypic variation: what is possible in Drosophila melanogaster, and what will translate to other systems?

02.07.13 - Aurora Ruiz-Herrera (Autonomous University of Barcelona, E)
Mammalian chromosomal evolution: genomic shuffling and recombination.

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