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Location: Lecture Hall A (building FA, ground floor), Vetmeduni Vienna

Time: 17:00

How to find the lecture hall: campus map

Note to the audience: photos and/or videos may be taken. We may use photos and/or talk recordings to document the event at, the Vetmeduni Vienna website and/or on Social Media (Twitter, Youtube, etc.).

01.10.19 – Himani Sachdeva (Institute of Science and Technology Austria, AT)
The role of weakly selected, linked genetic variants during polygenic adaptation.

08.10.19 – Grace Lee (Univ. of Califonia, Irvine, US)
Evolutionary epigenetic effects of transposable elements in 3D nuclear space.

15.10.19 – Matt Robinson (Univ. of Lausanne, CH)
Association testing, fine-mapping and genomic prediction of common complex disease in large human biobanks.

22.10.19 – Peter Visscher (Univ. of Queensland, AU)
Genetics and selection of human complex traits.

29.10.19 – Ovidiu Paun (Univ. of Vienna, AT)
Macro- and microevolutionary drivers of allopolyploid evolution.

05.11.19 – Ludovic Orlando (Univ. Toulouse III, FR & Univ. of Copenhagen, DK)
Tracking five millennia of horse domestication and breeding through extensive ancient genome time series.

12.11.19 – Bruce Walsh (Univ. of Arizona, US)
A Short History of Quantitative Genetics: The long (and ongoing) search for the source of quantitative trait variation.

19.11.19 – Roger Butlin (Univ. of Sheffield, UK)
Barriers to gene flow in Littorina snails.

10.12.19 – Konrad Lohse (Univ. of Edinburgh, UK)
Butterfly speciation - what can we learn from model based genome scans?

17.12.19 – Bart Deplancke (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, EPFL, CH)
Dissecting the genetic and molecular basis of phenotypic variation in the Drosophila Genetic Reference Panel.

07.01.20 – Elly Tanaka (Research Institute of Molecular Pathology, IMP, AT)
Exploring the molecular genetic basis of limb regeneration.

14.01.20 – Howard Rundle (Univ. of Ottawa, CA)
The ecology of sexual conflict and the population genetic consequences of mate competition.

21.01.20 – Scott Waddell (Univ. of Oxford, UK)
Neural mechanisms of memory-directed behaviour in Drosophila.

28.01.20 – Bart Pannebakker (Wageningen Univ. & Research, NL)
Understanding adaptive traits: insights into the genetic basis of sex allocation in Nasonia parasitoid wasps.

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