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Winter Term 2018/19

02.10.18 – Francis Jiggins (Univ. of Cambridge, UK)
Flies, rabbits and viruses: The evolution of disease resistance in natural populations.

09.10.18 – Joachim Hermisson (Univ. if Vienna, AT)
Architectures of polygenic adaptation.

23.10.18 – Nick Priest (Univ. of Bath, UK)
The case for Non-Immunology: fruit flies fight STDs with their gut, not their immune system.

06.11.18 – Steve Chenoweth (Univ. of Queensland, AU)
Integrating genomic and quantitative genetic perspectives of sexual conflict.

13.11.18 – Daniel Tracey (Indiana Univ., US)
Zooming in from the behaviors to the genes: cellular and molecular mechanisms of nociception and mechanosensation in Drosophila.

20.11.18 – Molly Przeworski (Columbia Univ., US)
Some causes and some consequences of recombination rate variation among vertebrates.

27.11.18 – Stephen Wright (Univ. of Toronto, CA)
Y degenerate? Evolutionary genomics of plant sex chromosomes.

04.12.18 – Julien Ayroles (Princeton Univ., US)
From individual variation to the genetic basis of environmental sensitivity.

11.12.18 – Robert Zimmermann (Univ. of Vienna, AT)
Genomic organization of basal metazoans.

18.12.18 – Mia Levine (Univ. of Pennsylvania, US)
Intra-genomic conflict shapes the evolution of fly telomeres.

08.01.19 – Jillian Petersen (Univ. of Vienna, AT)
The ecological and evolutionary impact of strain diversity in marine animal microbiomes.

15.01.19 – Charles H. Langley (UC Davis, US)
Evolutionary genomics in centromeric and pericentromeric regions of Drosophila and humans.

22.01.19 – Roman Arguello (Univ. of Lausanne, CH)
The evolution of sensory systems.

29.01.19 – Bruno Lemaitre (EPFL, CH)
The foreign within: Drosophila-Spiroplasma interaction as a model of insect endosymbiosis.

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