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Winter Term 2015/16

impromptu seminar 01.09.15 lecture hall M (building HA) -  Arvid Ågren (Univ. of Toronto, CAN)
Mating system shifts and transposable element evolution in plants.

13.10.15 -  Nick Jones (Imperial College London, UK)
Evolving populations of mtDNA inside cells and organs.

20.10.15 - Thomas Wiehe (Univ. of Cologne, GER)
Coalescent trees, induced subtrees, their topology and the site frequency spectrum.  

27.10.15 - Mark Kirkpatrick (Univ. of Texas, USA)
Evolution of genome structure by natural and sexual selection.  

03.11.15 - Nadia Singh (North Carolina State Univ., USA)
Genetic and environmental determinants of recombination rate in Drosophila.  

10.11.15 - Sophien Kamoun (The Sainsbury Laboratory, UK) Keeping up with the Plant Destroyers – The Two-Speed Genomes of Filamentous Plant Pathogens.

17.11.15 - Timothy Taylor (Univ. of Vienna, A)
The Artificial Ape 2.0: archaeological problems with Darwinian selection in humans.

24.11.15 - Hirohisa Kishino (Univ. of Tokyo, JPN)
On the adaptive mutations on the viral genomes and genetic diversity of communities.

01.12.15 - Jonathan Wendel (Iowa State University, USA)
Genes, jeans and genomes: exploring the mysteries of polyploidy in cotton.

15.12.15 - Derek Setter (Univ. of Vienna, A)
The footprint of adaptive introgression.

impromptu seminar 07.01.16
Erich Bornberg-Bauer (Westfalian Wilhelms Univ. Muenster, GER)
Emergence of de novo proteins from 'dark genomic matter' - fact or fiction?

12.01.16 - Eva Stukenbrock (Kiel Univ., GER)
Host specialisation and ecological speciation of plant pathogenic fungi: Insight from comparative population genomics analyses.  

19.01.16 - Aoife McLysaght (Univ. of Dublin, IRL)
Dosage sensitive genes in evolution and disease.  

26.01.16 - Stuart Baird (Academy of Sciences of the Czech Rep., CZE)
Introgression across the European house mouse hybrid zone.

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