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Winter Term 2010/2011

27.09.10 - Daven Presgraves (University of Rochester)
Sex chromosomes and speciation in Drosophila

05.10.10 - Michael Turelli (College of Biological Sciences, UC Davis)
Rapid spread and evolution of Wolbachia infections that cause cytoplasmic incompatibility: data, theory and a possible disease-control application

12.10.10 - Stephan Schmitz-Esser (Institute for Milk Hygiene, Vetmeduni Vienna)
Bacterial symbionts of amoebae:  Model systems for studying host cell interaction mechanisms of intracellular bacteria

19.10.10 - Michael Lässig (Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of Cologne)
Molecular evolution in fitness landscapes and seascapes

02.11.10 - Claudia Bank (Institut für Populationsgenetik, Vetmeduni Vienna)
Can reinforcement complete speciation?

09.11.10 - Tomas Vinar (Computational Biology, Comenius University Bratislava)
Duplication histories of complex gene clusters

16.11.10 - Paul Schmidt (Department of Biology, University of Pennsylvania)
Circannual rhythms and climatic adaptation in Drosophila

23.11.10 - Simon Boitard (INRA Toulouse)
Diversity and selection in sheep : insights from the SheepHapMap project

30.11.10 - Florian Clemente (Institut für Populationsgenetik, Vetmeduni Vienna)
Base composition evolution in putatively neutrally evolving sequences in the Drosophila melanogaster subgroup

07.12.10 - Lukas Schärer (Zoological Institute, University of Basel)
On the sex life of a simultaneous hermaphrodite

14.12.10 - Daniel Wilson (Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine, Oxford University)
Detecting natural selection from polymorphism and divergence data: applications in Drosophila and primates

11.01.11 - Michael Blum (TIMC-IMAG Laboratory, France)
Deep divergences of human gene trees and models of human origins

18.01.11 - Wallace Arthur (Martin Ryan Institute, NUI Galway)
Evo-devo meets population genetics: evolution of segment number in centipedes

25.01.11 - Sander van Doorn (Institute of Ecology and Evolution, Universität Bern)
Transitions between male and female heterogamety caused by sex-antagonistic selection

01.02.11 - Andreas Sommer (Genomics Core Facility, IMP, Vienna)
Next Generation Sequencing: Applications & Primary Analysis

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