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Summer Term 2015

03.03.15 - Beatriz Vicoso (IST Austria, A)
Numerous transitions of sex chromosomes in dipteran insects.

10.03.15 - Stefan Thurner (Medical Univ. of Vienna, A)
What are complex systems and how to tackle them? Examples from the Life-, Social-, and Physical sciences.

17.03.15 - Nick Barton (IST Austria, A)
How can we find selected loci?

24.03.15 - Jeffrey Jensen (EPFL, CH)
On quantifying the distribution of fitness effects of new mutations – an experimental approach.

07.04.15 - Kirsten Bomblies (Harvard Univ., USA)
Meiotic adaptation to whole genome duplication in Arabidopsis arenosa.

14.04.15 - Sarah Otto (Univ. of British Columbia, CAN)
Conflict between the genomes:  evolution with opposing selection at haploid and diploid life stages.

21.04.15 - Giorgio Bertorelle (Univ. of Ferrara, IT)
Microsatellites in toads and millions of reads in bears: estimating evolutionary relevant parameters during a methodological transition.

28.04.15 - William Hill (Univ. of Edinburgh, UK)
Polygenic traits may be complex, but their variance is (mostly) additive.

05.05.15 - Cristina Vieira-Heddi (Laboratoire de Biometrie et Biologie Evolutive, CNRS, FR)
Transposable elements activation (or not) in drosophila inter and intra specific hybrids.

07.05.15, 11:00 - impromptu seminar at HS M, building HA!
Stéphane Ronsseray (CNRS - University Pierre et Marie CURIE)
Epigenetic repression of mobile DNA by small RNAs in fly.

12.05.15 - Walter Salzburger (Univ. of Basel, CH)
Evolution in Darwin’s Dreamponds: The adaptive radiations of cichlid fishes in East Africa.

26.05.15 - Joseph Terwilliger (Columbia Univ., USA)
What we know, what we don't know, how we know what we know, and why we don't know what we don't know.

02.06.15 - Antonio Marco (Univ. of Essex, UK)
On mothers, flies and microRNAs.

09.06.15 - Gianni Liti (Inst. for Research on Cancer and Aging, Nice, F)
Population genomics and complex traits in yeast.

15.06.15, 11:00 - impromptu seminar at library (building HA)
Serghei Mangul (UCLA, USA)
Dumpster Diving: Finding the source of every last read.

16.06.15 - Sara Via (Univ. of Maryland, USA)
Mechanisms of genomic isolation during ecological speciation-with-gene-flow.... and beyond.

23.06.15 - Rhonda Snook (Univ. of Sheffield, UK)
The environmental genomics of thermal stress.

24.06.15, 11:00 - impromptu seminar at library (building HA) Sagi Snir (University of Haifa, Israel)
A Universal PaceMaker as a Better Explanation of Genome Evolution.

30.06.15 - Frank Chan (Friedrich Miescher Laboratory, GER)
Genetic and genomic dissection of complex adaptive traits in mice and fish.

17.07.15, 11:00 - impromptu seminar at library (building HA) Paula Tataru (Aarhus University)
Beta distribution with spikes approach.

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