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Summer Term 2012

impromptu seminar: 01.02.12 - Robert Wayne (UCLA, USA)
Evolutionary genomics of wolf-like canids.

07.02.12 - Andrea Betancourt (Vetmeduni Vienna, A)
Recombination and adaptation in Drosophila.

28.02.12 - Christopher Willett (University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, USA)
Studying adaptation and speciation using a "non-model" model system.

06.03.12 - Albano Beja Pereira (CIBIO Research Center in Biodiversity and Genetic Resources, P)
Going with the crowd: Bringing together livestock, bugs and humans to infer patterns of population expansion and adaptation.

13.03.12 – Andrew Straw (Institute of Molecular Pathology, A)
Neurobiology of visual processing as revealed by virtual reality experiments on flying Drosophila.

20.03.12 – Manolis Dermitzakis (University of Geneva, CH)
Cellular genomics for complex traits.

27.03.12 – Dmitri Petrov (Stanford University, USA)
Adaptation in the Drosophila genome: strong selection and soft sweeps.

Thursday, 29.03.12 – Rasmus Nielsen (UC Berkeley, USA)
Population genetic analyses of new-generation sequencing data.

17.04.12 – Peter Keightley (University of Edinburgh, UK)
Inferring adaptive evolution in the mouse genome.

24.04.12 – Laurence Hurst (University of Bath, UK)
Why there is more to gene evolution than protein function: splicing, nucleosomes and dual-coding sequence.

08.05.12 – Casey Bergman (University of Manchester, UK)
Genomes of Drosophila and their symbionts.

22.05.12 – Urban Friberg (Uppsala University, S)
Genetics of sexual dimorphism in lifespan, ageing and gene expression.

postponed, new date tba! 29.05.12 – Martin Kapun (Vetmeduni Vienna, A)
Cages, clines and inversions: Linking experimental evolution and natural variation in Drosophila melanogaster.

impromptu (library, 4th floor of builiding HA): 31.05.12 – Sonja Grath (Westfalian Wilhelms University Münster, D)
Influence of degree and conservation of male-biased transcription on the rate of amino acid substitution in Drosophila

05.06.12 – Arne Nolte (MPI for Evolutionary Biology, D)
Finding genes that count in a hybrid fish.

12.06.12 – Bas Zwaan (Universiteit Leiden, NL)
Phenotypic plasticity: genetic and hormonal regulation of life history.

19.06.12 – Krystyna Keleman (Institute of Molecular Pathology, A)
Molecular, cellular and circuit mechanisms of courtship learning in Drosophila.

Wednesday, 27.06.12 - Trisha Wittkopp (University of Michigan, USA)
Genomic sources of regulatory evolution: mutation, polymorphism and divergence.

impromptu seminar: 03.07.12 - Philipp Messer (Stanford University, USA)
Heterozygote advantage as a natural consequence of adaptation in diploids.

impromptu seminar: 17.07.12 - Nelson Martins (Gulbenkian Institute of Science, PT)
Experimental evolution of the D. melanogaster immune response.

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