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Summer Term 2011

01.03.11 - Gerton Lunter (University of Oxford, UK)
Indels in the 1000 Genomes project: mutation, selection, and biased gene conversion

08.03.11 - Adam Siepel (Cornell University, USA)
Estimation of ancestral population sizes, divergence times, and migration rates from complete human genome sequences

15.03.11 - Claus Vogl (Vetmeduni Vienna)
The coalescence and ancestral selection graph in the limit of low mutation rates

22.03.11 - Jukka Corander (Aabo Akademi, FIN)
Bayesian reconstruction of population genealogies from molecular marker data

29.03.11 - Irene Tiemann Boege (Johannes Kepler University Linz)
The enigma of recombination hotspots

12.04.11 - Dirk Metzler (LMU Munich, D)
A fast composite-likelihood approach to estimate demographic parameters from population genetic data

10.05.11 - Mike Bruford (Cardiff University, UK)
Conservation and Genomics: incorporating new data into species management

17.05.11 - Theodore Morgan (Kansas State University, USA)
The genetics and evolution of thermotolerance in Drosophila

24.05.11 - Jacintha Ellers (University of Amsterdam, NL)
Evolution of insect temperature responses: molecular mechanisms and ecological consequences

26.05.11 - Henrique Teotonio (Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, P)
Adaptation from standing variation in large experimental C. elegans populations

30.05.2011 - Amir Yassin (F)
Sexual conflict drives the evolution of resistant female genitalia and reproductive proteins in Drosophila

31.05.11 - Jonathan Bollback (IST Austria)
The life of a bacterial immune locus in an ever changing environment

14.06.11 - Patricia Moore (University of Exeter, UK)
The cost of keeping eggs fresh: diet, social conditions and life history trade-offs in females

17.06.11 - Lisa Meadows (nb: Friday!)  (University of Cambridge, UK)
Investigating gene expression neighbourhoods in Drosophila

20.06.11 - Lawrence Harshman (Univ of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA)
Drosophila Life Span: Hormones and Metabolism

21.06.11 - Thomas Rattei (Universität Wien)
Microbial (meta-)genomics: From sequence analysis to complex networks

28.06.11 - Michael Whitlock (University of British Columbia, CAN)
Evolution in heterogeneous environments: Phenotypic plasticity affects genetic and mutational covariance

05.07.11 - Ehab Abouheif (McGill University, CAN)
Socio-Evo-Devo: How social evolution and development are linked and feed back on one other

26.07.11 - Erich Bornberg-Bauer (Univ. Münster, D)
Evolution of tanscription factors and their importance for the evolution of biological complexity

30.08.11 - David Houle (Florida State University , USA)
Connecting genotype and phenotype in the fly wing

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