2018 Population Genetics Introductory Course

The introductory course program for PhD students is now defined. External students from Austrian universities are also welcome to attend: for registration and details about time and place, please send us an email. International students: please inquire by email, too.

Dates: Aug 31 - Oct 08, 2018
Location: Institut für Populationsgenetik, Vetmeduni Vienna
Library/computer room, 4th floor of building HA

detailed schedule here

Schedule summary:

Week 1
Biology in a nutshell - Kirsten Senti
Sequencing technology - Christian Schlötterer

Week 2
Statistical concepts - Andreas Futschik
Probability - Claus Vogl
Statistical practice in R - Sheng-Kai Hsu & Marta Pelizzola

Week 3
Alignments, UNIX - Robert Kofler
Population genetics - Christian Schlötterer
PopGen problems - Claus Vogl

Week 4
Population genetics - Christian Schlötterer
PopGen problems - Claus Vogl
Python & NGS analysis - Robert Kofler
RNAseq - Ovidiu Paun

Week 5
Phylogenetics - Ovidiu Paun
Introduction to the Coalescent - Joachim Hermisson
Neutrality Tests - Joachim Hermisson
Population Structure Theory - Reinhard Bürger

Week 6
Quant. Genetics - Marlies Dolezal
Drosophila genetics - Kirsten Senti

Week 7
Population Structure - Magnus Nordborg & tba

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