Winter Term 2014/15


impromptu 02.09.14 - Bertanne Visser (Tours University)
Evolutionary loss and reversion of lipid synthesis in insect parasitoids.


impromptu 16.09.14 - Saber Quanbari (University of Goettingen)
Mapping past selection in the genome of domestic animals.


07.10.14 - Kai Zeng (University of Sheffield)
The effects of Hill-Robertson interference on patterns of genetic variation: theory and data.


14.10.14 - Michele Morgante (University of Udine)
The plant pan genomes: composition, function and evolution.


21.10.14 - Santiago Elena (University of Valencia)
Applications of NGS to experimental virus evolution.


!22.10.14 - Sinead Collins (Edinburgh University)
Experimental evolution gone wild: microbial evolution in the lab and at sea.


28.10.14 - Josefa Gonzalez (Institut de Biologia Evolutiva)
Adaptation through transposable element-induced mutations in Drosophila.


18.11.14 - Barbara Mable (University of Glasgow)
Resolving the cause of mating system shifts in plants: an evolutionary detective story.


25.11.14 - Andreas Wagner (University of Zurich)
On the origins of evolutionary adaptations and innovations.


02.12.14 - Peter Andolfatto (Princeton Univ.)
Parallel evolution of Na+,K+-ATPase in milkweed herbivores and two predator-prey systems.


09.12.14 - Patrik Nosil (University of Sheffield)
Genomic architecture and the dynamics of speciation.


16.12.14 - Paul Jenkins (University of Warwick)
Simulating the Wright-Fisher diffusion.


13.01.15 - John Huelsenbeck (UC Berkeley)
Chinese Restaurants and Bayesian Phylogenetics.


20.01.15 - Hinrich Schulenburg (Kiel University)
The dynamics of host-parasite coevolution - lessons from evolution experiments with the model nematode C. elegans.


27.01.15 - Raymond Tobler (Vetmeduni Vienna)
Complex patterns of genomic and phenotypic adaptation in experimentally evolving Drosophila populations



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