Winter Term 2013/14


01.10.13 - Laura Rose (Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf, D)
Evolutionary Genetics of Disease Resistance in wild tomato species.

08.10.13 - Gerhard Herndl (University of Vienna, A)
Marine microbes their role in the cycling of organic matter in the ocean.

15.10.13 - Mathieu Joron (Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris, F)
The evolution of adaptive architectures in butterfly genomes.

22.10.13 - Oliver Ratmann (Imperial College London, UK)
Prospective design of phylogenetic studies to assess patterns of HIV transmission - the HPTN071/PopART phylogenetic ancillary study. Abstract

impromptu seminar: 11.11.13 - Yanping Guo (Beijing Normal University, China)
Allotetraploid speciation and evolution of the East-Asian Achillea species.

12.11.13 - Ville Mustonen (Sanger Institute, UK)
Using yeast evolution experiments to study the emergence of drug resistance.

19.11.13 - Asger Hobolth (Aarhus University, DK)
Inferring demographic history from whole genome data. Abstract

26.11.13 - Darren Obbard (University of Edinburgh, UK)
The Evolutionary Genomics of Drosophila viruses.

03.12.13 - Mohamed Noor (Duke University, USA)
Recombination rate influences adaptation and speciation in the Drosophila pseudoobscura species group.

10.12.13 - Julius Brennecke (IMBA, A)
Intricate links between piRNAs and chromatin underlie transposon silencing in the animal germline.

07.01.14 - Veronika Sexl (Vetmeduni Vienna, A)
Target identification and validation - Looking for leukemia's Achilles heel.

14.01.14 - Thomas Lenormand (Center for Functional and Evolutionary Ecology, F)
The evolution of gene expression.

21.01.14 - Virginie Orgogozo (Institut Jacques Monod - CNRS, F)
How a Drosophila species adapted to its cactus host and the genetic basis of convergent evolution.

28.01.14 - Bruce Rannala (UC Davis, USA)
Bayesian inference of recent migration rates using multilocus genotypes and Markov models.


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