Summer Term 2017


Friday, 17.02.17 - Daven Presgraves (Univ. of Rochester, US)
Sex chromosomes and speciation in Drosophila.

14.03.17 - Aurelie Hua-Van (EGCE, CNRS, FR)
Transposable elements: Evolution and dynamics of selfish DNA in populations and species.

21.03.17 - Craig Primmer (Univ. of Turku, FI)
Understanding the genomic architecture of complex traits in free-living species: is the glass half empty or half full?

28.03.17 - James McInerney (Univ. of Manchester, UK)
Evolution in pieces: Persistent remodelling of genes and genomes has been the hallmark of life’s history.

04.04.17 - Jean David (EGCE, CNRS, FR)
Evolution of body pigmentation in the Drosophila females of the melanogaster subgroup.

25.04.17 - Patricia Beldade (Univ. of Toulouse, FR & Gulbenkian Inst., PT)
Adaptive developmental plasticity in insect body size and color.

02.05.17 - Olivier Tenaillon (INSERM, FR)
Draft and selection in long term experimental evolution.

09.05.17 - Cedric Feschotte (Univ. of Utah, US)
Mobile DNA as catalyst of genome evolution.

16.05.17 - Matthew Hahn (Indiana Univ., US)
Adaptation and speciation: a virtuous cycle in Anopheles mosquitoes.

impromptu seminar: Friday, 19.05.17 - Leo Beukeboom (Univ. of Groningen, NL)
The evolution of insect sex determination.

23.05.17 - John Pool (Univ. of Wisconsin, US)
Clarifying the complexity of adaptive evolution.

30.05.17 - Erin Kelleher (Univ. of Houston, US)
Tolerance and resistance of an invading transposable element in the germline.

06.06.17 - John Pannell  (Univ. of Lausanne, CH)
Major transitions in the mating behaviour of plants.

13.06.17 - Tanja Slotte (Stockholm Univ., SE)
Evolutionary genomic consequences of plant mating system variation.

20.06.17 - Alistair McGregor (Oxford Brookes Univ., UK)
Investigating the genetics and genomics of the evolution of animal development and morphology.

27.06.17 - Johannes Jäger (KLI, AT)
Shift Happens: the evolutionary and developmental dynamics of the gap gene system.

29.06.17 - Johnathan Pritchard (Standford Univ., US)
Polygenic adaptation and architecture of human complex traits.


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