Population genetics seminar series

Location: Seminar room Institut für Tierzucht & Genetik (building NA, 2nd floor), Vetmeduni Vienna

Time: 17:00

How to find the seminar room: campus map

06.03.18 – Klaus Fischer (Univ. of Koblenz and Landau, DE)
Adaptive phenotypic plasticity and plasticity as an adaptation.

13.03.18 – Reinhard Bürger (Univ. of Vienna, AT)
When does sexual selection drive divergence in parapatric populations?

20.03.18 – Juraj Bergman (Vetmeduni Vienna, AT)
Inference of population genetic parameters in putatively unselected sites.

03.04.18 – Daniel Matute (Univ. of North Carolina, US)
An experimental test of hybrid speciation in Drosophila.

10.04.18 – Ana Marija Jakšić (Vetmeduni Vienna, AT)
Re-thinking a classic clinal trait: Pleiotropic consequences of thermally adaptive dopamine on pigmentation clines in Drosophila.

17.04.18 – Gökce Aköz (GMI, AT)
Understanding the distinct history of a single Aquilegia chromosome.

24.04.18 – Judith Mank (University College London, UK)
The genomic causes and consequences of sexual conflict.

09.05.18 – Mini-Symposium
feat. talks by Brian Charlesworth, Andrew Clark, Nick Barton, John Parsch
Details here

15.05.18 – Daniel Hartl (Harvard Univ., US)
The Eliza Doolittle experiment: Cognate mutants in orthologous proteins.

22.05.18 – Doris Bachtrog (UC Berkeley, US)
Cryptic sex chromosome drive is common in Drosophila.

29.05.18 – Joachim Kurtz (WWU Münster, DE)
Experimental evolution of resistance and immune priming in the red flour beetle.

05.06.18 – John Wakeley (Harvard Univ., US)

12.06.18 – Daniel Tracey (Indiana Univ., US)
Zooming in from the behaviors to the genes: cellular and molecular mechanisms of nociception and mechanosensation in Drosophila.

19.06.18 – Csaba Pal (BRC, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, HU)
Compensatory adaptation: a major driving force in evolution.

26.06.18 – Christian Sturmbauer (Univ. of Graz, AT)
Evolution of developmental gene regulation shaping trophic morphology in African cichlids.


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