Research Environment

The Vienna Graduate School of Population Genetics is fully integrated in the network of evolutionary biologists in Vienna (evolvienna).  Although the Vienna Graduate School of Population Genetics is based at the vetmeduni vienna, it includes faculty from three other institutions: University of Vienna, the Max F. Perutz Laboratories and the Gregor Mendel Institute.

The vetmeduni vienna is located on a modern campus with state of the art facilities. Experimentalists have access to the recently created VetOmics center, which provides services in expression analysis, proteomics and an animal tissue databank.

Capillary sequencers, realtime PCR machines, a confocal microscope, state of the art fly facilities as well as standard molecular biology equipment are available at the Institute of Population Genetics for the members of the Vienna Graduate School of Population Genetics. Currently, the vetmeduni vienna has a 50 node computer cluster to provide sufficient computing power and data storage for the processing of massively parallel sequencing data generated during the projects and a further expansion has already been funded.


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